Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Resolutions…

 Do you make annual resolutions? I used to, then I stopped, then I made some for the house and immediately forgot about them. For 2013 I decided to try again. I really should just use this list from Thought Catalog but I like to lie to myself and pretend I’m not super lazy.  Gosh I hate resolutions because there is absolutely nothing more alarming then looking at them 10 months later and realizing you haven’t accomplished anything and another year has almost gone by. I like alarm and procrastination. Nothing like ending the year with real evidence you’re not living up to your true potential. So here it is my 2013 list of things I’d really like to accomplish but probably won’t:

1.       Learn how to cook the perfect pan cake
2.       Return blockbuster movies immediately after viewing
3.       Take (and hopefully pass) all four parts of the CPA exam
4.       Take the exam to remain a tax preparer
5.       Get living room furniture
6.       Complete one home project each month
7.       Either lose that final 15 pounds or get rid of my clothing bins for sizes I can’t fit.
8.       Each month read a book about the Presidents; in order of presidency (first to last)
9.       Each month randomly email one Facebook friend, if I just don’t want to write a person on my friends list unfriend them.
10.   Skype with my brother and Gemma monthly (email Gems a schedule)
11.   Skype my dad monthly (email Laura a schedule)
12.   Exercise 3 times a week (walking dogs for 1 hour counts)
13.   Visit one new place a month
14.   Be a better friend

These are in no particular order or importance. I’m sure there are other things I should add but I want to pace myself. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 accomplishments…none of which were resolutions…

This post should really be called things I did this year that I’m not sure I should be proud of …yet I am (proud of them that is):

1    Watched all 86 episodes of Felicity. I know the show started in 1998 and ended in 2002 but I didn’t start watching Felicity (back then) until almost the end of the 3rd season and I didn’t stick with it. When my friend Heidi expressed disbelief that I hadn’t seen the whole thing I thought the only thing that made sense was to start it from the beginning. I’m not sure if it was a better show now that I have the benefit of being 15 years older than the characters but I swear there were some life lessons to be learned. If sending your kids to college is still something one does 20 years from now then I will sit my kid down their senior year of High School and have them watch all 86 episodes in preparation.

Life lesson number 1: Just because you’re feeling bad about yourself or your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush isn’t interested in you does not mean you make yourself feel better with some sex with someone else. Because you may feel better at that moment but after that alcohol wears off you’re going to feel worse.

Life lesson number 2: Do not under any circumstances drastically cut your hair after a break up.

Life lesson number 3: If you and your new friend have the same taste in men (this only applies to women I don’t think it matters for men) then it’s very unlikely you will continue to be friends. Especially if the men you guys like doesn’t find one of you repulsive.

Life lesson number 4: No matter what you may think at some point you are actually going to need to support yourself. So if your parents are paying for college, don’t get too comfy and select a major that you really won’t be able to support yourself with (example Felicity is smart enough to be a doctor but choses to major in art).  Get a job in college if you can, start hoarding your money because eventually your parents are going to wise up and cut you off.

Life lesson number 5: Though following a boy to college (or anywhere else for that matter, especially uninvited) is probably not the best idea it’s also not the worst. Listen if you cancel all your CA college plans to attend college in NY which your parents can equally afford you’re probably going to be fine. And actually your plans to go to college in CA probably weren’t all that concrete.

Life lesson number 6: F*%king use protection. There were more false alarms and one accidental knock up during those four years of college. I’m like if one freshman you know gets pregnant from having a one night stand why don’t you all stock up on birth control and condoms? Learn from others mistakes!!!

Most important life lesson from Felicity: If you have two guys to choose from (as in somehow your equally attracted to them and you feel this is “love”) and one of them is blonde, mostly getting by on his looks and athletic ability but really immature and a little dumb (let’s be honest Ben was dumb, how he ends up going pre-med with a GPA of like 2.0 I’ll never understand) while the other one is smart a good guy and honestly not unattractive…GO WITH THE SMART GUY. Looks fade…and I’m not just saying this because I have a thing for brunettes with green eyes (#TEAMNOEL)

2.       I took not one, not two, but five vacations and one weekend trip this year. Now when you look at it you think ok not bad especially if your job is stressful like my old job was. But the vacations were taken AFTER I quit that stressful job. Basically I took the summer off…

3.       I took the summer off: God I know unemployment is running rampant and there are people burdened with six figure student loan debts who would love to be working. I was not one of those people. I decided I would LOVE to be taking the summer off so I did. I highly recommend it, if there is a point in your life, Post College, before kids where you are able to take a summer off comfortably, please do. There is nothing like it.

4.       I returned to Facebook, signed up for Instagram and numerous blogs. I am not going to lie to you but I love social media. I’m not even going to pretend it’s because I like to keep in contact with people from my past or that it makes me feel connected. No the real reason I like it is I AM NOSEY AS HELL… I follow something like 80 people on Instagram. Its pictures so I can scroll through at my leisure and get an idea of what you are interested in. For instance if you want to know what I am interested in you can see from my Instagram it’s primarily dogs and food since that’s what I post most. When Chris Brown and Rihanna got back together I added them both to Instagram hoping for some really juicy photos. Blake Lively got married to Ryan Reynolds so I added her too. I talk to the same five people every week and that’s how I like it, but I could easily tell you what is going on with another 100 people based on their blogs, reality TV, Instagram or Facebook. I mean seriously I have to have something to do at red lights, the doctor’s office or as I fast forward commercials.

5.       I ate a Shake Shack burger (my first) knowing full well it was 870 calories. I also split fries with a friend as I ate this burger. I was in NYC, on VACATION, and damn it was good.

I plan on making some 2013 resolutions but if it’s anything like last year it’s looking bleak for me having any real accomplishments.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Hour: The Sicilian Kiss…

Per Jim (Jedd’s dad)
Equal parts Southern comfort and Amaretto

This is Jim’s drink he makes for people, especially me because I like (ok love) Amaretto. He’ll ask you if you want a Sicilian Kiss and when you say yes he’ll go “well pucker up” because you know he’s Sicilian. 

This drink has been known to cure a tooth ache, I currently have a cold and rather than taking Nyquil I’m drinking this to knock me right out and ensure I get that 10 hours of sleep. 

Every time he makes this he warns that it’s for sipping and he’s right. You’ll need to sip this for about three hours because it is strong, with only the ice cubes to dilute it. 

Happy Friday!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cause the parents don't instagram...

NH they know how to do Christmas here.

Georgia's 1st tea.

We LOVE diners.

Newport, RI a.k.a. Where I am going to retire...

Nino swimming, boy it was cold.

Mystic, CT (yes where they filmed the movie)

Coffee is taken very seriously up North.

Da Bomb!

Every single time...

Some of the Fam...

Christmas cocktails...

I love Newport...

New coffee cup, perfect size.

Clam pizza in New Haven...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012…

My family is spread pretty far apart and is a bit small. My mom lives locally which is great. My dad and brother live in Australia which is great when you need a free place in Australia to stay BUT WAAAAYYYYY SUCKY during the holidays. I am not close to my parent’s families, I mean I am not close enough that we visit them during the holidays nor did we when I was growing up. 

When Jedd and I first started dating he got Christmas as his families holiday and I got Thanksgiving. After the first year I realized it was actually a win for me because his family does Christmas like you think Christmas should be done. First off Jedd has a large family. From his Grandmother to his cousin’s kids everyone shows up. It is chaotic, it is loud, it is full of food and booze and shopping and people stopping by and IT IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!! 

Every Christmas I think how lucky I am because not only did I score in the “who has the cutest, funniest, best man ever" category (yup, this girl) but he came with an awesome family. No one has ever given me a better gift than letting me a part of such an awesome bunch of people. Merry Christmas!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Hour: Cider Orange Bourbon Chiller…

As found on Bran Appetite:

§  2 oz. apple cider
§  2 oz. orange juice (your favorite brand or fresh squeezed)
§  1.5 oz. bourbon
§  1 tsp lemon juice

1.    Add a handful of ice to a glass.
2.    Pour the apple cider, orange juice, bourbon, and lemon juice over the ice.
3.    Stir together and serve.

This is the perfect drink for the holidays. I always buy a big jug of apple cider but after the first night of heating a cup on the stove it usually goes to waste. I liked that the bourbon and lemon juice cut the sweetness of the cider. That’s typically why I don’t drink more than a cup at a time it just ends up being too sweet for me, which is saying something.

This was also a perfect way for me to end what was a hellish day. I did one of those stupid things that makes you want to kick yourself; I missed the last step on our stairs and severely twisted my ankle.  It’s currently the size of a fist. I actually missed the last two steps which is probably why not only is my ankle swollen but my knee hurts. I was in a rush carrying laundry and I just stepped out in the air thinking I had gone down all the stairs but nope I had not. I crashed down and the boys came running in for the attack confused because they could not find the assailant. I had to call Jedd down to get the dogs under control which made it all the more embarrassing.  Nothing a hot bath and a cool drink can’t cure but embarrassing still. Hopefully you’re not as much of a klutz as I am.  Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Taco Pizza…

Not going to lie to you but when I first saw this pizza while I was intrigued I just didn’t think it was something I could get behind. I like tacos and I like pizza but together it was beyond me how it was going to work. Especially after baking up the crust…the second step is to slather it with refried beans instead of tomato sauce. 

Now I realize that typically when something looks incredibly gross it turns out to be quite tasty but refried beans on what is basically bread seemed a little fat assy to me. I envision Paula Dean nodding approvingly and she would too! Did you ever catch the episode where she made that pizza with mayo as the sauce? But I didn’t want to waste the pizza dough as I’d already rubbed it down with beans and all….

Turns out Taco Pizza is pretty good, made it twice in two weeks.  If you’d like the recipe please visit Life as a Loft House.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cause the parents don't instagram...

Believe it or not but neither of our parents instagram so we're starting a little semi-monthly post (hopefully I'll remember) so the folks can see the random stuff we've been up to. If you follow me on instagram you've probably already seen it.

New lunch spot on H.

Gia wanted to go to the mall

Need to do laundry more often.

The Pincher
Emilio can drive!!!

Showing Kat my braid headband.

I babysat...

Perfect end to the night...

One suitcase he said...

Taco Pizza is better than it sounds..

I despise this gate:(
It's all about the boots.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Hour: Sunshine Dazzler…

As found on

·         part vodka
·         1 part fresh OJ
·         1 part fresh mango juice
·         2 parts dry champagne
·         lots of ice
·         orange slices
Mix ingredients in a pitcher adding champagne last & give a quick stir. Immediately serve over ice.

I’m on a bit of a vodka kick. Probably because I purchased the biggest bottle available. We had a few days where it was almost 70 degrees which caused me to want to celebrate summer with a drink starting with “sunshine” and by popping open a bottle of champagne. I had high hopes for this one with two different types of juice, but honestly this wasn’t for me. I like a sweet drink and the dry champagne completely offset the sugar of the juice just leaving it a little bland. I can honestly say this isn’t one I’ll make again, but if you’re not into overly sweet drinks maybe you should try it.
Summers obviously over. I’m actually writing this post while waiting at the airport to go to Kansas City. Every single flight is delayed at least two hours due to “weather” or has been completely cancelled. Though Kansas City (as in Missouri, not Kansas) isn’t necessarily a "be in a rush to get there destination" I can think of better things to do with my time than sit in the airport. It’s cruel, especially since I overslept by an hour this morning and woke up in a mad panic. Now I’m sitting in the airport sans makeup and I didn’t do my hair. Nothing like being here for three hours to allow everyone coming to or leaving from our city to catch a glimpse of me in all my unmade up shame. Combine this with the fact that I’m leaving out of gate 35A. For those of you not familiar with gate 35A it is the little plane gate. I have the smallest of phobias, not really of flying, but of landing. Little planes don’t help, so every time I see this gate I’m dreadful. Little plane landings are the worst. In addition because I drank champagne last night (it’s currently Saturday morning) and woke up alarmed and an hour late I’m chugging dunkin’ donuts coffee like no bodies business which also means that I am going to have to use the little bathroom on the little plane. I think that might be more mortifying than the plane landing. Happy Friday!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Personal Gift Lists…

So today while being nosey around a friend of mines blog, website, something she keeps that has pictures and updates I come a crossed a section marked wish list. I’m like huh what is this. So I click it and it’s basically like a gift registry type of thing. But it’s not for anything, not because she’s getting married, or having a baby, or her birthday, it’s just something she keeps and updates with stuff she would like people to buy her as gifts. By people I’m pretty sure it’s basically for her husband, but I haven’t asked so we’ll go with “people” There are things like hair rollers and a $30k SUV on the list. I find it strange to keep something like this. Well I do at first but as the day goes on I realize it’s actually kind of genius. I am considering keeping one. Because you do not know how many wedding and baby registries I have received and purchased things off of. I’m an “I want to get people exactly what they want” type of buyer. I have way too much on my plate to add determining what the perfect gift is for x person for x occasion to it. We actually do not exchange presents for Christmas with anyone other than my mother and that’s only because she gives us a list….oh and she is a great gift giver (cause she buys off of our list, haha).  I on the other hand get gifts from clients, friends and family members just because they saw it and thought of me and sent it my way. Those are appreciated, but most, especially gifts from clients are not things I would put on my list. I also have a very easy to read gift opening face.  I try the whole “oh my I am so excited you bought me these socks” kind of face but I can never pull it off, instead it ends up being the “oh socks” face.

So I bring this up to another friend who is like “you do have a list like this”.  So I’m racking my brain trying to figure out what she’s talking about and she goes “you have a pinterest board called things I deserve”. I find this extremely funny, if you want to get the joke please use my pinterest button to follow me on pinterest, make sure to go to the things I deserve board…but I’ll give you a clue, I’m pretty sure they outlawed buying people a while ago.

How do you feel about personal gift lists? Do you keep a personal gift list? Do you know anyone who keeps one? How would you feel knowing your significant other kept one?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Hour: Matt's Lemon Drop...

As found on The Boys Club:
1 part vodka
1 part fresh lemon juice
½ part simple sugar

The simplicity of this drink amazed me. And it does taste just like the candy. Found a new little blog (meaning new to me) that is destined to ROCK MY FREAKING WORLD. The Boys Club is a blog about cocktails. Seriously the person/people who invented this must have had me in mind. Caused me to pin a massive amount of drinks for future Happy Hours and come to a realization that maybe we should have “Happy Hour” a few times a week to stockpile blog posts. Is this cheating?  I would love to tell you we had a hard week, but I’d be lying. This week included me doing an obnoxious amount of laundry in order to be ready for my trip this weekend, starting “Downton Abbey” (I know I’m behind), scanning crap in the loft, and researching things to do in Connecticut (you know the place I plan on retiring). Hope you have a good weekend.