Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank you….

When I read blogs, and I read quite a few, I always go back to the first post to see what provoked the author to start a blog. What was going on in their life that they wanted their readers to know. Keeping that in mind I thought my first post should be a letter to the love of my life…


I never dreamt of the life that most girls do. I never fantasized about working towards the husband, the dogs, the house or the kids. Though I may say getting the house was like winning the lottery, the reality is me finding you was my big win. You have changed me in ways you will never understand. I know now that it’s not that I did not dream the dream, instead I carried the belief that it wasn’t something that was meant for me. To say you changed that is an understatement. In our seven years together not only have you provided me with the unconditional love and support every partner should, but you’ve supplied a family I never had, and now a home to call my own. I love you more than words could ever describe and want to thank you for making my dreams come true.


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