Saturday, April 30, 2011

How I’m spending My Time…

I couldn’t decide whether to call this post “How I am spending my time” or “How Homeownership has already made us Lame…” So our home inspection uncovered many a thing that needs to be fixed with our house, as you can imagine a house that is 111 years old may need some TLC. In an effort to maximize as much time before we actually take ownership of the house as possible we scheduled what amounted to back to back contractor meetings. I got up at 5 am this morning and made coffee, took a shower, walked our two boys, woke Jedd up, walked Oscar a dog we pet sit from time to time, skyped with my family in Australia. The highlight being that my Grandma was actually unexpectedly on the call too. She’s super cute and very French. I then cooked breakfast for “Big Daddy” (more on that later) and packed us snacks and toilet paper.

We met contractor after contractor, followed by painter, carpet measurer, etc. until 6:30 tonight. I also picked up a library book, dropped off my dry cleaning, we went to a cool place where we may or may not have found fencing (more on that tomorrow) and I sliced the crap out of my thump with the metal for our spice rack which required a trip to CVS blood dripping to find out how to seal it without stitches so it would stop bleeding. After a day of picking apart every crevice of our house and trying to anticipate just how much the renovations were going to cost and how long they were going to take we were exhausted. As a result we went home, too tired to watch a movie with one thing in mind…investigating if we could clean the rust off of the fencing we found and restore it ourselves. I’m going to Google it and possibly dream about it in my sleep. We meet another contractor tomorrow, another Monday and another Thursday, what fun!

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