The List…

Ugh that sounds ominous doesn’t it? “The List” scary, scary...but not really. I’m a huge fan of lists. I make them daily since I like a little order and I really like the feeling of crossing stuff off the list. So much so that if I make my morning list and then do something not on the list I will add it just to immediately cross it off. Yes I know this makes me a weirdo! We thought it would be a good idea to keep a list of “to do’s” related to the house, so here it is (in no particular order):

1. Treat termites

2. Repair termite damage

3. Roof/rafter repair

4. Tree trimming

5. New gutters

6. Seal front & back of house/basement exterior

7. Address basement floor/build pantry

8. Basement stove burner elements

9. Secure basement kitchen cabinets and counters

10. Basement shower rod

11. Master bedroom shower rod

12. Spare bedroom shower rod

13. Half bath toilet repair

14. Master bath toilet repair

15. Spare bedroom toilet repair

16. Hot water heater servicing and heater line safety issue

17. HVAC servicing

18. Kitchen outlet electrical issue

19. Snaking of drains

20. Fix garbage disposal

21. Move washer/dryer to the basement

22. Rekeying locks

23. Exposing brick

24. Flooring/carpet

25. Painting interior

26. Painting exterior

27. Molding and curve in living room

28. Redo living room fireplace

29. Fix window above entry way door

30. Exterior stairs

31. Exterior fence

32. Install basement washer/dryer area

33. Closing off basement from the rest of the house

34. Repair arch in the living room

35. Level living room floors

36. Level upstairs floor

37. Repair first floor steps

38. Install main floor exit to back yard

39. Add patio/deck from new exit (see item #38)

40. Moving of half bath and laundry room area due to #39

41. Purchase dining room table

42. Give notice to apartment managers

43. Expose brick in master bedroom

44. Purchase new washer and dryer for upstairs

45. Clean up/repair exposed brick

46. Install basement flooring

47. Dig up bamboo from back yard and level

48. Move out of apartment (damn we have ALOT of stuff to move)

49. Purchase dining room chairs

50. Landscape back yard

51. Paint master bathroom

52. Paint spare bedroom bathroom

53. Exterior entry way (remove tile???) and install exterior security door

54. Get a mail box

55. Fix lightfixture on exterior of house

56. Landscape front yard

57. Install flower box on front window?