Thursday, January 17, 2013

Celebrating 30 with Super Kat…

I just got back from what will hopefully be my last trip to Pensacola, FL ever. I’m not trashing Pensacola but having been down to visit my friend Kat a few time in the last year I got it. Not much goes on there, it’s kind of small and we are both beyond ready for her to move to New Mexico.  I went down to help her celebrate the big 30 and it was a blast.

Kat is what I like to describe as an insta-friend. This does not typically happen for me (at least not the adult version of me) as I don’t really click with many people instantly. Kat and I met in a nonconventional way through Yelp. When I used to work in Greenbelt I would eat at my desk a lot and spend insane amounts of time by myself locked in my office with limited to no interaction with other people throughout the week. I wasn’t depressed about it but it was making me start to hate my job. At the time I was way into yelp and decided to post to the message board to see if anyone worked in the area that wanted to do lunch. Kat was the only person to reply.

Making friends as an adult woman is kind of hit or miss, but honestly mostly miss. Most of my best friends I have known since high school and really hadn’t expected to gain any more. It is hard with women having jobs, kids, husbands, houses to clean, weight to lose to really establish a solid connection to the point of achieving BFF status at our age.
Kat faking surprise at my early arrival.

Meeting Kat though is like being struck by lightning…BFF lightning, well at least for me. Since we met 3 years ago she’s become that one friend I talk to almost every day, even if just for a minute. Nothing is too meaningless or insignificant for us to cover. Like me we bond over the ridiculous of life and are both brutally honest.

So Kat…if nothing else on your 30th birthday know that you are loved and appreciated. You’ve made your mark. When no one else gets you I get you. All friends should encourage each other through the craziness, the seven day water fasts, the sleeping til noon, the dressless car rides and late night drunken chats. A true friend points out your chin hair but a best friend waxes it for you. Your truly one of my best friends. Happy Birthday!!!

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