Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Hour: The Classic...


·         Green Hat Gin 2 1/2 oz
·         Dry Vermouth 1/4 oz
·         green olive/a twist of lemon peel
·         ice cubes 6

Into a mixing glass, toss a handful of ice cubes, then pour in the Gin and the Vermouth. Stir well. Strain and pour into a martini glass. To finish, either drop a green olive into the bottom of the martini glass OR arrange a twist of lemon peel on the edge of the martini glass.

Sometimes people ask me why I blog and honestly I really don’t know what to tell them. Tonight was one of those nights that answered that. Blogging makes you pay attention to how absurd life really is. Seriously pay attention to the things you do and would probably never take notice of and easily forget but honestly should be remembered if for no other reason than to laugh at yourself.
At some point in life I became a rule follower or a direction taker. This wasn’t always the case. Growing up I was quite rebellious and the only thing I can assume is that I got it all out of my system. Or the fact that I’m a “tax accountant” might have also contributed to my need to follow all instructions to a specific detail. So when I make my happy hour drinks I print out the ingredients and instructions and get to mixing. Tonight I diligently counted out my six ice cubes…cause you know five would be too little and seven obviously too many. Once I got to the sixth one I did think to myself…why six, who decided six would be the correct number. And if six is so important why not describe them, are they ice tray cubes, refrigerator ice dispenser size, should they be weighted? I’ve seen a lot of variation in ice cubes. Then I grew further confused/annoyed because the directions say “toss a handful of ice cubes” well doesn’t that change the number of ice cubes? My hand is smaller than let’s say Shaquille O’Neal so is it six or a handful?
I have way too much time on my hands…Happy Friday!!!!

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