Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Hour: The Fresh Gimlet…

·         Green Hat Gin 2 oz
·         fresh lime juice 1/2 oz
·         simple syrup 1/4 oz

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. May also be served on the rocks, if preferred. Garnish with a lime twist.
I’m not going to lie to you but because this is basically gin with a little bit of sugar and lime it’s boozy. Typically when I make a drink I double it, this drink I did not and honestly it was probably wise. For someone who doesn’t like gin I liked this drink A LOT. I drank it while soaking in the tub reading a new book. I’m writing this post on a Wednesday because I had a long weekend and wanted a little drink to take the edge off. Last night I got back from visiting my best friend and god kids in Kansas City, MO. My best friend has three kids; Lucia is 22 months, Gianna is 7 years old, and Emilio turns 16 in April. Typically when I visit my friend works and I do stuff around the house and watch the kids. It’s her way of helping me love my reality. I’m currently at that age where everyone likes to tell me about how my biological clock is ticking and by 30 how I’d used like 90% of my eggs. I romanticize parenthood, in my version it’s a lot of dropping them off at my mom’s house while Jedd and I take weekend get aways. Tara (the bestie) likes to help me with the daily ins and outs that I seem to forget. What I do when visiting is pretend to be her; this time being her consisted of washing 20 loads of laundry, doing dishes, dealing with the baby and inquiring of Emilio after dropping him at a party if he was chewing gum. Why was this important you ask, because he has his permit and when we asked him after the party if he wanted to drive (he needs hours) he said no. We’d decided before hand if he said no there was definitely drinking at the party. It couldn’t be proven, his breath had the sweet smell of someone who had chewed gum to cover the booze smell and then spit it out knowing full well I thought gum meant you’d been drinking. Gianna conned me into taking her to the American Girl store and Justice. For those of you who don’t know both stores are over priced versions of hell. One outfit for an American Girl doll is minimum $28.00; oh and all appear on the doll with accessories typically costing $12.00. That doll is better dressed then me. Then at Justice I got her two outfits, total $80.00. The baby killed me, she’s small like in the 3 percentile which I have no idea what that means but essentially she’s the size of a one year old but she talks and has attitude. Her attitude typically ranges from “I do not want to do anything you want me to do” to “I need a nap and every suggestion you make is going to cause me to either cry or tell you no”. Oh and she is a pincher. Needless to say my kid free reality is looking a lot more romantic than her kid infested reality. I’m glad to be home…Happy Friday!!!!

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