Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Resolutions…

 Do you make annual resolutions? I used to, then I stopped, then I made some for the house and immediately forgot about them. For 2013 I decided to try again. I really should just use this list from Thought Catalog but I like to lie to myself and pretend I’m not super lazy.  Gosh I hate resolutions because there is absolutely nothing more alarming then looking at them 10 months later and realizing you haven’t accomplished anything and another year has almost gone by. I like alarm and procrastination. Nothing like ending the year with real evidence you’re not living up to your true potential. So here it is my 2013 list of things I’d really like to accomplish but probably won’t:

1.       Learn how to cook the perfect pan cake
2.       Return blockbuster movies immediately after viewing
3.       Take (and hopefully pass) all four parts of the CPA exam
4.       Take the exam to remain a tax preparer
5.       Get living room furniture
6.       Complete one home project each month
7.       Either lose that final 15 pounds or get rid of my clothing bins for sizes I can’t fit.
8.       Each month read a book about the Presidents; in order of presidency (first to last)
9.       Each month randomly email one Facebook friend, if I just don’t want to write a person on my friends list unfriend them.
10.   Skype with my brother and Gemma monthly (email Gems a schedule)
11.   Skype my dad monthly (email Laura a schedule)
12.   Exercise 3 times a week (walking dogs for 1 hour counts)
13.   Visit one new place a month
14.   Be a better friend

These are in no particular order or importance. I’m sure there are other things I should add but I want to pace myself. 

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