Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012…

My family is spread pretty far apart and is a bit small. My mom lives locally which is great. My dad and brother live in Australia which is great when you need a free place in Australia to stay BUT WAAAAYYYYY SUCKY during the holidays. I am not close to my parent’s families, I mean I am not close enough that we visit them during the holidays nor did we when I was growing up. 

When Jedd and I first started dating he got Christmas as his families holiday and I got Thanksgiving. After the first year I realized it was actually a win for me because his family does Christmas like you think Christmas should be done. First off Jedd has a large family. From his Grandmother to his cousin’s kids everyone shows up. It is chaotic, it is loud, it is full of food and booze and shopping and people stopping by and IT IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!! 

Every Christmas I think how lucky I am because not only did I score in the “who has the cutest, funniest, best man ever" category (yup, this girl) but he came with an awesome family. No one has ever given me a better gift than letting me a part of such an awesome bunch of people. Merry Christmas!!!!

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