Monday, December 10, 2012

Personal Gift Lists…

So today while being nosey around a friend of mines blog, website, something she keeps that has pictures and updates I come a crossed a section marked wish list. I’m like huh what is this. So I click it and it’s basically like a gift registry type of thing. But it’s not for anything, not because she’s getting married, or having a baby, or her birthday, it’s just something she keeps and updates with stuff she would like people to buy her as gifts. By people I’m pretty sure it’s basically for her husband, but I haven’t asked so we’ll go with “people” There are things like hair rollers and a $30k SUV on the list. I find it strange to keep something like this. Well I do at first but as the day goes on I realize it’s actually kind of genius. I am considering keeping one. Because you do not know how many wedding and baby registries I have received and purchased things off of. I’m an “I want to get people exactly what they want” type of buyer. I have way too much on my plate to add determining what the perfect gift is for x person for x occasion to it. We actually do not exchange presents for Christmas with anyone other than my mother and that’s only because she gives us a list….oh and she is a great gift giver (cause she buys off of our list, haha).  I on the other hand get gifts from clients, friends and family members just because they saw it and thought of me and sent it my way. Those are appreciated, but most, especially gifts from clients are not things I would put on my list. I also have a very easy to read gift opening face.  I try the whole “oh my I am so excited you bought me these socks” kind of face but I can never pull it off, instead it ends up being the “oh socks” face.

So I bring this up to another friend who is like “you do have a list like this”.  So I’m racking my brain trying to figure out what she’s talking about and she goes “you have a pinterest board called things I deserve”. I find this extremely funny, if you want to get the joke please use my pinterest button to follow me on pinterest, make sure to go to the things I deserve board…but I’ll give you a clue, I’m pretty sure they outlawed buying people a while ago.

How do you feel about personal gift lists? Do you keep a personal gift list? Do you know anyone who keeps one? How would you feel knowing your significant other kept one?

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