Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Loft clean up: Golf clubs...

Jedd is REALLY into golf. We met in Charleston and in Charleston golf is a big deal. Now I’m going to tell you something…when girls meet a boy they like they will sometimes pretend to be interested in the same stuff they are interested in to establish something in common. It’s not exactly lying; I mean I did think it was possible I could eventually be interested in golf. I remember having a conversation with my friend Kylie about how it made sense we (her and I) take up golf because being that we were in the accounting field it would be useful since a lot of people (men) in accounting play golf. Kylie and I had actually been to numerous lunches where the client, partner and guys on our team would discuss golf. Do you know how many men were caddies during the summer when they were younger? A freaking lot, yeah surprised me too. While I was working waitressing jobs and babysitting these men were on the golf course all summer.

So I meet Jedd and oh my freaking word is he into golf. So we would have these “dates” where we would go out to some random field (wait don’t get your hopes up this is going to end way different then you’re expecting) and hit golf balls for hours. That’s right, in silence, hours of hitting balls, chipping balls, walking out and picking them up with this little ball pick up thing, and do it all over again. I’m pretty patient when I want something (Jedd) and after a couple of these dates I did start to really believe I could get into golf. You know with the right outfit anything is possible. As we would be out there silently hitting away I would be mentally making a list of all the cute outfits I needed to buy to make this hobby happen. Everything had to be pink and black. The key would be finding the right golf clubs…

In the 8 years that I’ve owned these clubs I have played with them once. I won that time, we went with another couple and Jedd & I were a team and it was best ball or something like that, most important thing is we won. Jedd’s dad has also played with them once. So they have been used twice in 8 years. Great buy haha. As I clean up the loft I realize we have moved these clubs four times, hahahahaha, I am so not taking up golf. 

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