Monday, December 3, 2012


I seriously had the following thoughts today…
1.       At least once a week I complain to Jedd about how paying for cable makes no sense since nothing is ever on and because all I watch is Netflix, blockbuster movies and red box. It’s so overpriced. As I drive to the grocery store I find myself wondering if while I think this is a conversation every couple has found themselves having is it really. I mean can you imagine Beyoncé and Jay Z having this discussion on Sunday morning?

2.       Oh how I wish I was a lactose intolerant vegetarian. For the obvious reasons mostly but also due to the fact that why the hell is a gallon of milk $4.19 and a package of ground turkey $4.99? While I appreciate milk we get the skim, so it’s not completely milk, its like watered down milk, are they charging me for the water to? Plus how are milk and meat almost the same price. I don’t think they are equal at all in the nourishment and satisfaction scale.

3.       Oh how I hate to be this type of woman but am I the only one who upon seeing on the tabloids at the checkout line that Jessica Simpson is already pregnant again thought “oh she is never going to lose that baby weight”? Come on you know what I am talking about, no woman I’ve ever known who has had two babies within a two year period of each other ever reaches that initial pre-baby weight. And by no means am I being judgie, if you have two babies regardless of the number of years in between I honestly don’t think anyone should have a desire for you to reach any weight. Sane women with more than one child amaze me.

4.       I think my resolution for 2013 should be to not shop for a year….hahaha. Breaking that.

5.       My God are phones making us dumber? I’m not sure if this is only a DC thing but a "don’t walk" sign at the light is not a suggestion. It means if your ass should choose to cross anyway then you are in fact walking into traffic. So if I have the green now I’ve assisted you in your obvious suicide you sicko…and get off the phone.

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