Thursday, December 6, 2012

Loft clean up: Roller skates…

It’s funny what you find when you straighten up. These are my skates…yeah that’s right I have skates. You’re not surprised are you? What 34 year old woman has pink and black skates she’s never worn, yup this girl. In 2010 I became slightly obsessed with roller derby, I think maybe that was the year that movie came out about the girl from Juno being a roller derby girl. Then I found out that DC actually had a roller derby league because I saw them arm wrestling people during the H Street Festival. I started making people accompany us to roller derby matches. I bought a fan shirt…yeah I know you think you see where this is going.

So my friend Megan and I decided we should be roller derby girls for Halloween. Now most people would have rented or borrowed skates but I had a specific look I was going for. Pink and black. I got pink and black everything; I even have a hot pink fingerless leather glove from Hot Topics to complete the look. But the skates, the skates are key. If you’re going to put a costume together it has got to look authentic and no roller derby girl is going to be caught dead in someone else’s skates (Jedd shakes his head as I tell him this). So I did what any girl would do, I poured over endless websites looking for the perfect bad ass roller derby skates in pink and black to complete the look.

They arrived in June of 2010…and by October I decided I didn’t want to dress up for Halloween because dressing up was stupid. Yes that’s right I never even took them out of the box. BTW if you’re in DC and want a free pair of skates let me know. I tried listing them on Craigslist and no one wanted them.

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