Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Project: The Loft...

You’ve met me right? I am probably a pretty accurate picture of what is wrong with America. I love excess as is evident by our loft which has gotten completely out of control. I’m the type of person who opens a fridge full of food and declares I want to go out to eat.  I’m the type of person who if I ran out of underwear (never going to happen I probably own half a year’s worth) rather than doing laundry (I probably wouldn’t feel like it that day) would just go to the store and buy another 30 pairs. Every drawer, bin, storage area of our house is crammed full of stuff to the point that it has exploded into the loft.

This is a problem since the loft isn’t a storage area; the attic is a storage area, the loft is our office. Yeah that’s a bit important since we both work from home. With tax season on its way I’d love to be able to work up there. Jedd has been working up there, bless his heart, but it’s gotten to the point that he’s crammed into his little cubby hole with my stuff slowly but surely edging him out (sadly the thought of him all comfy up there surrounded by my possessions put a smile on my face).

Since I’m pretty sure this is how hoarding starts; with an inability to get rid of even one meaningless possession, I’ve decided this is the December Project, to get the loft completely cleaned up before the end of the year. Now I know you’re thinking couldn’t you just do that in a weekend, um no I have important shit going on… well I do. I have to finish the 4th season of the Wire and watch all of Downtown Abby because a friend of mine just informed me there is going to be a viewing party at her house in January. Oh man I just found out our friends don’t watch TV (more on that later)… can you imagine how much time I would have if I didn’t watch TV? Plus I’m going to be taking several trips in December so really I only have like two weeks in December to get this done.  I know you feel sad for me, wish me luck. 

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