Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Hour: The Sicilian Kiss…

Per Jim (Jedd’s dad)
Equal parts Southern comfort and Amaretto

This is Jim’s drink he makes for people, especially me because I like (ok love) Amaretto. He’ll ask you if you want a Sicilian Kiss and when you say yes he’ll go “well pucker up” because you know he’s Sicilian. 

This drink has been known to cure a tooth ache, I currently have a cold and rather than taking Nyquil I’m drinking this to knock me right out and ensure I get that 10 hours of sleep. 

Every time he makes this he warns that it’s for sipping and he’s right. You’ll need to sip this for about three hours because it is strong, with only the ice cubes to dilute it. 

Happy Friday!!!!

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