Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Hour: Cider Orange Bourbon Chiller…

As found on Bran Appetite:

§  2 oz. apple cider
§  2 oz. orange juice (your favorite brand or fresh squeezed)
§  1.5 oz. bourbon
§  1 tsp lemon juice

1.    Add a handful of ice to a glass.
2.    Pour the apple cider, orange juice, bourbon, and lemon juice over the ice.
3.    Stir together and serve.

This is the perfect drink for the holidays. I always buy a big jug of apple cider but after the first night of heating a cup on the stove it usually goes to waste. I liked that the bourbon and lemon juice cut the sweetness of the cider. That’s typically why I don’t drink more than a cup at a time it just ends up being too sweet for me, which is saying something.

This was also a perfect way for me to end what was a hellish day. I did one of those stupid things that makes you want to kick yourself; I missed the last step on our stairs and severely twisted my ankle.  It’s currently the size of a fist. I actually missed the last two steps which is probably why not only is my ankle swollen but my knee hurts. I was in a rush carrying laundry and I just stepped out in the air thinking I had gone down all the stairs but nope I had not. I crashed down and the boys came running in for the attack confused because they could not find the assailant. I had to call Jedd down to get the dogs under control which made it all the more embarrassing.  Nothing a hot bath and a cool drink can’t cure but embarrassing still. Hopefully you’re not as much of a klutz as I am.  Happy Friday!

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