About Me

Really I’m quite boring and probably strangely normal. I like to do the following things, in this exact order:

1.       Sleep. I’m a rockstar sleeper. If Sleeping was an Olympic sport I would freaking gold medal it every time.

2.       Watch TV. They invented things like the DVR and streaming Netflix for people like me. And when I say people like me I mean for me specifically.

3.       Drink Coffee. I drink an abnormal amount, the first hour of every day is spent watching TV and drinking coffee. I have a coffee cup that holds almost half a pot. I drink two of these the first hour I’m awake, every single day.

4.       Eat Food. My biggest complaint about life is that you cannot eat every single thing you want and not gain weight. That and the fact that booze has calories.

5.       Travel. If you are taking a trip and invite me I’m probably like 95% likely to drop everything and go.

That’s what I like to do. I know some of you are gonna read that list and think what about the nice people in her life.  It’s LIKE TO DO, not what or who I LOVE.

Want to know more? Send me your questions and I’ll post answers here: sgibney78@gmail.com

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