Thursday, December 20, 2012

Taco Pizza…

Not going to lie to you but when I first saw this pizza while I was intrigued I just didn’t think it was something I could get behind. I like tacos and I like pizza but together it was beyond me how it was going to work. Especially after baking up the crust…the second step is to slather it with refried beans instead of tomato sauce. 

Now I realize that typically when something looks incredibly gross it turns out to be quite tasty but refried beans on what is basically bread seemed a little fat assy to me. I envision Paula Dean nodding approvingly and she would too! Did you ever catch the episode where she made that pizza with mayo as the sauce? But I didn’t want to waste the pizza dough as I’d already rubbed it down with beans and all….

Turns out Taco Pizza is pretty good, made it twice in two weeks.  If you’d like the recipe please visit Life as a Loft House.

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