Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obsess much…

Currently Jedd & I are fixated on the fact that the house does not have a traditional iron fence. Specifically this fence:

This fence (called a hoop and spear) is typical of DC and is obviously what my dreams are made of because I awoke on Sunday at 6:30 am thinking of a fence we had found the day before and put on hold. On Saturday between contractor appointments we went to Community Forklift to check it out and see what they had.

We’d heard they were a cool place that took in donations of just about everything, tax deductible. “Just about everything” is just about right, as you can see from the pics below this is a place that has everything. When we walked into the yard area for the first time I literally clapped. I know what you’re thinking but no seriously this is where cool people go and walk around for hours.

We end up seeing a fence which we put on hold so that we can return home and take measurements of the front yard to see if it would work. The fence was pretty rusty but after investigating rust removal I thought it would be a nice DIY project we could handle. Fast forward to Sunday, right after breakfast we return to claim our fence. After much measuring, staring, etc. we finally discussed whether the fence was quite right. We realized we’d never measured to see how high the fence should come and we also didn’t think the fence was “traditional” enough. Once we sat back and discussed whether or not we were just excited about a cheap find verses had we actually found what we were looking for we decided to pass on the fence.

The trip wasn’t totally wasted because we learned a valuable lesson, the first being be prepared. We actually forgot our tape measure and had to borrow once from someone so we could measure the available fence to make sure there was enough. We also had not done all the measurements of the type of fence that was our “ideal”. Also if possible it’s good to put an item on hold and return the next day to see if you still feel the same way about it as you did the first day. We were excited about the fence on Saturday but not so much on Sunday. Lastly, taking pics of your “Ideal” fence by the library is not crazy. Had I not remembered I taken a pic of a fence I liked previously we would not have had an example to review while looking at the fence were thinking of buying.

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