Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Hour: The Charleston Cocktail…

A new tradition started at our house called Friday Happy Hour for several reasons. The first thing that happened was we went to a restaurant that did not have a cocktail menu. I didn’t want beer or wine, but I didn’t know any names of cocktails in order to request one. Our server was no help because as she informed me “I am not a bartender” so I was left to my own devices. I also don’t have a fall back drink to give to the bartender so I ended up getting one because it was the only name we could come up with. So I thought to myself “I really should find my go to drink”. I don’t really like anything you’d normally consider, no gin and tonics for me or vodka cranberries. So in an effort to find “my drink of choice” I’ve decided that every Friday in our house would be “Happy Hour”. This Friday started with a drink that I thought was only fitting “The Charleston”:

Jedd and I met in Charleston in 2005. I fell instantly in love, I think he needed some convincing. Every time someone asks us about our design inspiration we say “well we really like how homes in Charleston look”. I decided on my career path in Charleston and started college there. I love the people in Charleston and now I love their cocktail. The best way to describe the Charleston is as a grown up Arnold Palmer. It’s a smooth drink with barely any hint to the fact that there are 2 oz. of alcohol in it. As we sipped and clanked our ice cubes around I thought I might have already found my go to drink. Jedd’s only comment “I barely taste the booze which means this could get YOU in trouble”.

As predicted I’m off looking for trouble. Happy Friday!


  1. I'll have to look this drink up... I'm a fan of good and can;t taste the booze in it.

    My fallback drink is a red headed slut, which will get me into trouble after a few of them. If you're not familiar, its 2 oz. Jagermeister, 2 oz. cranberry juice, and 1 oz. peach schnapps. Much better then it sounds. I don't even like Jager but I love these.

  2. Oh you will love this drink. If you click on "The Charleston" in my post it links to the recipe I used. I'm definately trying your go to drink the name alone makes it a must!