Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Chicken Mac has NOTHING on this…

Everyone has their specialty when it comes to cooking and Jedd’s WOW me meal when we first started dating was Chicken Mac and Cheese (a.k.a Chicken Mac). Every now and then I’ll ask him to make me his special chicken mac, which is a really easy recipe for me to give you its Stover’s mac and cheese with bite size pieces of grilled chicken added in. In addition to LOVING chicken mac we also have a fondness for buffalo chicken so imagine Jedd’s delight when I made this tonight:

Yup that’s basically buffalo chicken mac and cheese. You know how I know when Jedd likes something; he asks me a ton of questions about it. Last night he was very inquisitive about where the recipe came from, Jessica at “How Sweet It Is”. He wanted to know if she put the recipe together herself and if we’ve made anything else of hers. He informed me that the two elements that made it really above par were the crunchy panko bread crumbs and the gorgonzola. In his words “she really nailed it with the gorgonzola and the crunchy things”. As he ate his second helping he was quite as if he was really pondering something, finally he looked up and said “my chicken mac has NOTHING on this”!

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