Thursday, May 26, 2011

There’s a sucker born every day…

And today I was that sucker. I don’t fall for a lot. I’m not the type of person who gets stuff from infomercials or fads from magazines. I don’t need to wear the latest fashion or have the latest techi gadget. But let me tell you marketers out there something, if you want me to try some new food item for the first time the best way to make me do that is have it mentioned on a blog or two. For weeks now I’ve been reading about a new thing that you just have to try “Coconut Water”. I was mildly interested thinking I like coconut and I like water, I’m sure I’d like coconut water. I’ve also baked with coconut milk and oil and so I figured why not I’ll give it a try should I see it. Thursday I also happened to hear about how Madonna is investing a lot of money in a coconut water manufacturer because coconut water is about to blow up. Madonna looks damn good for her age (body wise, I’m not talking about the plastic surgery) so if she’s drinking coconut water than maybe my chubby butt should down a glass or two.

So fast forward to the Thursday night shopping trip and low and behold what is displayed at $4.99 a box, yup “coconut water”. I snatched up a box with such glee while Jedd balked at the price “what is that and why do we need it”. To which I say “Honey it’s COCONUT WATER” and “EVERYONE is drinking it”. Not convinced he also inquired about who “EVERYONE” was exactly. All the other bloggers and get this MADONNA. As we drove home I informed him how the box of coconut water was actually a good buy, it was on sale and I’m sure it’s going to go up since “all the celebrities like Madonna are going to be drinking it”.

So fast forward to Friday night as I’m getting dinner together and Jedd’s walking the dogs I decide to try the coconut water, pouring myself a glass and gulping down a huge mouthful….

Madonna is a nut! I can’t drink this stuff, I end up pouring the remainder back into the box and shoving it back in the fridge before Jedd comes down and see’s I’ve broken it out. All I’m thinking as he comes into the kitchen is I hope the stuff does make good shakes cause he’s going to want his $5.00 back.

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  1. It's been w...WAY to long since we've hung out. This story totally had me dying!