Friday, May 6, 2011

Big Daddy…

The story of how I finally gave in to referring to Jedd as Big Daddy goes like this…

When we first moved to DC and started looking for a house when we would tell realtor’s our requirements they basically told us we were dreaming for the price range we were in. I would not budge on my desire to live on the Capitol Hill side of H Street and I would not live past 13th NE. I have refused to even consider living outside of the 20002 area code. I also wanted two reasonably sized bedrooms, a master bath if possible, and we wanted a rentable basement that didn’t need much work. Again, all for a reasonable price. Jedd was certain that with a little patience we could find our dream house but as every year passed I grew more and more unsure. I had recently started putting the pressure on to start looking outside of the city but Jedd is VERY AGAINST the suburbs. Side note, once when I asked him why he didn’t want to live outside of the city he said “bad things happen in the suburbs” to which I said “what bad things” and he goes, without missing a beat “home invasion”. The reason this is funny is because it’s so true, we’d just seen something where someone’s McMansion was burglarized with them in it at 3 pm on a weekday. That would not happen on our street our neighbors can hear through the walls.

So anyway not long before we found the house Jedd won his leagues golf tournament and got this trophy….

His friends thought it was super funny and said I needed to start referring to Jedd as “Big Daddy”, now naturally I thought over my dead body, but then not only did Jedd get me my master bathroom but it came with this….

And that is the story of how I finally gave in to calling Jedd “Big Daddy”.

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