Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lies we tell ourselves (Part 1):

We have a little game we play in our house called “I’m going to read that”. As a result this happens…

Yup that is all the reading material that has accumulated in this house in the last 16 months. You might call it hoarding, we call it having reading material on hand. We do read a lot, but clearly not as much as we seem to think. We currently have subscriptions to the following magazines:

1. Smithsonian

2. Psychology Today

3. Food Network Magazine

4. Rachel Ray Everyday

5. Clean Eating

6. Oxygen

7. Shape

8. Self

9. Smart Money

10. Fortune

11. Golf

12. Women’s Health

13. Real Simple

14. Washingtonian

Then I have the audacity to constantly get books from the local library.

 Jedd has a book reader and I currently subscribe to 26 online blogs. Every now and then I purchase Allure…because I like who’s on the cover. In the last three months I’ve bought the Allure with Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria and Lauren Conrad on them. Yes it would be more cost efficient to get a subscription. Work is not better; my office subscribes me to CFO Magazine, The Journal of Accountancy and something else that escapes me right now.

Now I’m thinking rather than saying “I’m going to read that” I should be saying “I’m not going to move that” and just throw them all away….

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