Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ugh…what’s our style…?

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to any of our apartments but I think if you have you’d probably come to the conclusion we have no style. And you would be right. We’ve traditionally lived in rentals that wouldn’t allow us to paint. We’ve furnished our places with hand me downs and craigslist finds. We even got a free couch off the street once. But now we’re grownups and we want to do what grownups do and carve out our little piece of heaven on earth.

So the first issue we tried to sort out on Saturday was paint. What color should we paint the rooms? We knew Benjamin Moore would have paint…

And boy did they have a wide selection. Such a selection that we couldn’t choose, not one single color for one single room in the hour we were there.

So then we went to a cool place in Baltimore to see if we could get some inspirations from second hand furniture, I like this

No not really but can’t you imagine Prince and I sitting on these? I think the issue is we like such a wide variety of things, we love Charleston homes but we want exposed brick. Have you ever seen a Charleston Home with exposed brick? Probably not, aren’t they primarily made from wood. We like graffiti art, how the hell do you incorporate graffiti art into a home with “southern charm”.

 I like photographs of “urban living” think something like this or even this. But no, that’s not quite right for a house people live in is it? We both want to do something different, but not too different. Something that says “we’re different, but not so much that you should watch us, I mean we do go to work and pay our taxes”.

Hopefully we can sort it out soon. If you have any ideas or want to forward inspirational pics please feel free.

What’s your style?

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