Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why I Love DC: Metro Mutts…

If you know me in real life you know I have a sometimes unhealthy affection for my dogs (the Boys) Nino and Diego. Some people have children, we have dogs.

One of my dogs Diego will have nothing but the best, the best food, the best bed, the best dog treats and for that I go to Metro Mutts.

The first thing I love about Metro Mutts is that they have a cat “Romeo” that is honestly the coolest cat I’ve met in a long time.

He’s super friendly; every time I come he greets me “like welcome back loyal customer”. He must have been trained in customer service by one of the owners, Kelly who is my go to when I have questions pertaining to anything pet related. When Diego decided he was no longer going to eat the food we’d been feeding him for the last five years Kelly spent close to half an hour with us discussing the benefits of the various pet foods that they offer. That’s not atypical either because when Diego decided his doggie bed would no longer due and tore both his and his brother (Nino’s) beds up Kelly also spent 20 minutes discussing the various dog bed options they offered. When nothing they carried met my needs (I either thought they were too small or not the right color to fit our home décor) Kelly volunteered to email me various websites that would have beds she recommended for me to choose. Before I even got home 15 minutes later the email arrived with numerous links to companies where I was able to purchase the bed of my choice.

I also just love the look of Metro Mutts. If I was to design a pet store that represented H Street, Metro Mutts would be it, with all its exposed brick and artwork by Beth Hollace.

If you have a pet Metro Mutts offers so many things outside of just pet supplies like dog walking, training in their lower level by Heather Morris of Spot on Training. There is also talk that they might start offering overnight stays and doggie movie night!!!!!

I always ask guest bloggers and business owners the same two questions:

1. What makes a house a home?

2. What part of your home is your favorite “special” place and why?

Anna (a joint owner of Metro Mutts) had a lovely answer:

“Cooking makes a house a home! I love the familiar smells of a family recipe being prepared (both new and old recipes) and the feeling of having everyone around the table for a meal. I have 3 kids and my parents and in-laws are part of our everyday life, so we keep our dining room table, which comfortably seats 10, in the biggest room of the house where there is a fireplace, music, books, toys & crafts for the kids. I love when my kids ask "what's for dinner?" and if I have a good enough response it gets a big "Yessssssss." I really believe the old saying that "the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach" and "the family that eats together stays together"!”

I love the pic of her dining room table and could not agree more that cooking makes a house a home!

(This is the first of many in a series that will be featured on this blog called “Why I Love DC”. This is in no way an advertisement and I am not paid or given discounts or promotional items to feature any business. Businesses cannot request to be featured. “Why I Love DC” will not always be businesses but when they are they will be businesses I frequent routinely as a customer”).

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