Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Hour: Salted Caramel…

The only thing that got me through the day today was knowing it was Happy Hour Friday at our house and that I was making something delicious from the June issue of Food Network Magazine.
I felt like a real winner for two reasons when I made tonight’s drinks. Reason 1. Was I’ve made this new little challenge for myself where every magazine that comes in I make or do something in it as a way to justify the magazine subscription. If I can’t make this happen each and every month I’m going to really have to cut back, I mean it is killing a lot of trees along with making a bunch of clutter. Reason 2. Is that it’s been hot and I’m supposed to be starting a diet but I wanted some ice cream. Making a salted caramel was a perfect choice; it seemed like dessert but was actually a cocktail. Because as you may or may not realize my diet’s always have exceptions. This diet says no desserts or booze, unless it’s Friday Happy Hour.

Both Jedd and I loved this drink because not only was it sweet but the pinch of sea salt it’s garnished with added that something extra that made it seem like something I’d be willing to pay $8 bucks for at the bar. Also you couldn’t taste the tequila at all. Happy Friday!!!!

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