Friday, June 17, 2011

100 year old Brick...

I’ve been pretty quiet recently because all my time is going either to working to get money for the house or going to Lowes/Home Depot for the house on my lunch hour and then lastly exposing brick in the house. I’ll post a lovely post about that sometime in the future, but thought I’d share a picture Jedd sent me today while I was at work and he was taking down dry wall in another area of the house that we need to expose brick on.

I know you’re looking at this going “Oh shit!” but let me assure you it’s not really a big deal nor is it surprising that there would be a section of brick that would need to be repaired. The brick is 100+ years old and has been covered with plaster and dry wall. I know I sound calm which is probably alarming to those who know me, but trust me I’m fine. This isn’t my calm voice it’s my tired voice, after a week of exposing brick you get this tired/calm feeling about house related surprise that comes up. It’s called “I don’t have the energy to give a crap”.

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