Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bring It!

Today was a crazy day. I’ve been really complaining about how much we need to get done and how little time we have to do it. So today I decided to do something about it while Jedd was at his annual golf tournament. First I got up at 5:45 am and drank ½ pot of coffee before taking the boys out and cooking Jedd what must have been the best frittata ever because he must have said 20 times that I should have taken a picture of it for the blog. By 8 am I was at the house getting the old carpet pad loaded into my car (Toyota Matrix’s are the bomb) and hauling it to this glorious place:

Just a FYI for those who don’t know (cause I didn’t until two days ago) the Fort Totten dump is free to DC residents. Just show up with your driver’s license and a bill with your address and you’re in. The funny thing is we had someone come to the house to give us a quote on hauling off what ended up being two truckloads of carpet; plaster and dry wall and he quoted us $400.00. As you can imagine that was not going to happen so Jedd borrowed a friend’s truck yesterday and took everything but the carpet pads all for FREE! As a result I was so impressed I bought him a six pack of really expensive (read $11) Chinese beer.

On my way from the dump I got an email from the welder/iron fence guy our contractor referred us to saying he was in town and would meet me at the house between 11 and 12 pm. Now at this time it’s 8:30 am and I had planned on going to four carpet places so I hauled butt to the first one that opened at 9:30 am. I ended up getting there super early and had a half hour to burn. I swear it was my lucky day because right when I was thinking “what am I going to do” I saw that the local farmers market was open. For all my hard work, and due to the fact I had not eaten breakfast with Jedd, I treated myself to these for breakfast.

A random fact about me you may or may not know but I am a sucker for homemade jam/jelly. I haven’t tried the rhubarb one I picked up today but I am sure it’s going to be fabulous. I know I came off a little crazy (probably lack of sleep combined with too much homemade iced coffee) but when I saw the jam I literally squealed. The lady selling the jam was like “wow, you really like jam”. Yes Jam Lady I DO really like jam, ha.

So here is where it’s starts to get crazy:

9:30 am go to the first carpet place, select three different types of carpet and schedule Wednesday carpet measuring.

10:00 am go to the 2nd carpet place, select two different types of carpet and tell the guy rather than pay him $35.00 to measure the carpet we will send him the measurements from the first guy and he can calculate a quote based on that and my carpet selections. When I leave the 2nd place I almost lose it because I realize its right next door to Lumber Liquidators which is this place Jedd has been talking about FOREVER, so I bookmark the location in my phone so I can surprise him with a trip at a later date because I AM THAT DAMN ROMANTIC.

10:30 am head to the house while calling Jedd’s mom to wish her a Happy Birthday! I ended up waiting at the house from 11 until 12 pm until I finally call the welder to see what’s up only to be told he was running behind and it would be closer to 12:30 or 1 pm.

12 pm rush to Hill’s Kitchen to get something I absolutely need:

I ended up getting an awesome pot too because well because I like to buy myself stuff. Also I went to the dump today (don’t judge).

12:15 pm go to DC-3 and get a Tucson dog because there are fires raging in Sierra Vista where I grew up and I thought it was appropriate. Plus I wanted a hot dog and felt like if I was a real contractor/job foreman that would be something I’d eat.

1 pm meet Chris (the welder) at the house; discuss dream fence, external stairs and security door. Leave at 1:15 pm and go to two houses and take pictures of their stairs and text them to Chris. While I’m doing this some guy passes, stops and watches me. I guess it’s uncommon to see people taking pictures of other people’s stair risers on both their camera phone and point and shoot. He also thought it was weird I was texting them to someone. He was a bit nosey and asked what I was doing to which I replied “texting pictures of my perfect stairs to someone”.

He either thought I was crazy or it made sense because he said “oh, ok” and walked off.

2 pm go to the 3rd carpet/flooring place. This place was the best, the person was super knowledgeable and not the least bit in a rush. Not only did she schedule a Tuesday am appointment for a free carpet measure for the estimate she also scheduled to have the basement measured since we know have to do flooring down there. Even better she let me leave with four carpet samples and two lament flooring samples to show Jedd.

3 pm go to the 4th and final carpet/flooring place where I picked out three types of carpet and scheduled a Tuesday afternoon measuring appointment for measuring both the house for carpet and the basement for lament.

4 pm as I’m going to DSW to return Jedd’s shoes that I got him that he didn’t like I see HHGreg and decide to stop in and checkout washer/dryers. I end up writing down several models that I’m going to research tonight.

4:30 pm return shoes to DSW and go to Mom’s to pick up groceries she got me from the Commissary. Yes I am 33 and yes I do still have my mother pick up items from the grocery store for me. Coffee is super expensive so I like for her to get that for me along with boneless skinless chicken breast/thighs from the Commissary. And since I’m out of soap, sure get some soap. Plus she made us (read Jedd) banana nut bread so it was a super win.

5:30 pm I get home and cook us this:

This was my excuse for why we had to get a rolling pin. The rolling pin I got was super cool, you put cold water in it and it keeps it chilled while you roll out your puff pastry. I NEEDED this. I’m going to chill it in the fridge with water in it next time.

Now we are sitting on the couch blogging and getting ready to research these washer and dryers because we are cool like that.

What’d you do today?

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