Friday, June 10, 2011

How to Waste your 1 hour lunch break at Home Depot….

Finally after much delay we finally closed on the house and you should start to see some progress. As a result I published a new page of our list of to do’s on the blog. Feel free to view it and gasp about how much we have to do in the next 30 days. Are you worried? I’m worried. I’m not the handiest of people.

Speaking of which today for lunch I went to Home Depot because Jedd needed two different tools a chisel and some blade thingy I have since forgotten the name of. As I’m on my way to Home Depot, which is the exact same Home Depot I was in when I found out they accepted our offer on the house, Jedd calls and says “It needs to be a Masonry chisel, 4 inches with a handle thing on it so when you’re hammering you won’t slip and hit your hand”. Sounds easy enough.

I get to Home Depot and I go to the tools section (yeah that’s right Mom I knew it would be in the tool section) and stand there looking at all these chisels. I look and look and I’m thinking “well what about the chisel needs to be 4 inches?” Are we talking about the chisel part that goes on what you’re chiseling or are we talking about the handle? Ten minutes later I decide he has to be talking about the chisel part. Who care what size the handle is right? Then I start focusing in on if it has that slip hand protection part and there are several brands of them that have the guards but none of them are 4 inches. So after another ten minutes I decide that I think the hand thing is more important and that I am willing to sacrifice a half inch on the chisel part to protect my honey’s hands. Just when I’m going to put the thing in my basket and move on I see where one brand specifically says “Masonry Chisels” well then I back up and am like “oh wait though this is the “chisel” section what type of chisel do I have?”…well it’s just a chisel. But around it is brick chisels, floor chisels, chisel chisels and then finally these Masonry chisels. So then I spend another ten minutes comparing all the chisels to try and figure out is there or isn’t there a difference between all these chisels. I finally decide no there is not. But now I see the Masonry chisels comes in the four inches but again no damn hand guard. Now I’m 55 minutes into my lunch break and I decide I should do the Masonry chisel because I can envision going home and handing him the chisel with the hand guard and him saying “this isn’t a masonry chisel” or “why isn’t this 4 inches”. So now I have a masonry chisel I don’t feel good about and I have to rush around home depot like a mad woman because I’m 20 minutes away from work and if I put the 40 minutes drive time round trip with the time I’ve spent picking out the chisel I am clearly going over my lunch hour.

I run and get the bathroom toilet repair kit, I stop at the carpeting department to see if they can print my carpet quote, I go to the eye protection place and manage to get some with mask too and then I go to the carpet cutter section, which damn it if it’s not by those chisels. I spend 6 minutes trying to determine what is the difference between the cutters that folds down into this nifty knife thing for $8 versus the one for $2 that is the home depot brand. Just as I’m getting ready to leave that aisle I take one last look at the chisels and put the masonry one back to get the one with the hand guard.

And that folks is how you waste your whole lunch hour in Home Depot getting a chisel, carpet cutter, two eye protection things and a toilet repair kit.

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