Friday, June 10, 2011

How to save $450.00 on carpet installation…

The carpet in the house is horrid. It’s dirty, stained and really wasn’t laid well in the first place. There are lumps and distinct spots where you can tell they didn’t properly level the floor. I swear the previous owner never ran a steam cleaner through the place and as a result I can see where her bed was positioned. Needless to say my number priority prior to moving in is to get new carpet installed in the bedroom. Our contractor suggested Home Depot so we paid the $35.00 to have them do the measurements.

Jedd and I go to Home Depot to get our quote and as usually I am totally taken aback by how much it’s going to cost us to re-carpet 102 square yards of the house. I’m looking at this quote and you know what I want to do is stomp and cuss but I can’t because Jedd doesn’t allow me to do that in public. I’m a little too old to fall out in Home Depot so we ask them to fax the quote and we will be in touch. So first thing I notice is its $450.00 for them to remove the old carpet and discard of it. So what do you think I did today after work…this:

Yup we pulled the carpet up ourselves tonight. As a result we didn’t have Happy Hour. Tomorrow we are very excited to be taking all that carpet to the dump ourselves. What did you do tonight? What plans do you have for the weekend?

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