Friday, May 6, 2011


OMG I cannot contain my excitement for this weekend. Its 9:27 am on Friday and this work day cannot go fast enough. We are beyond excited about Mother’s day, with our enthusiasm you would think we were 5 and it was Christmas Eve.

Today Jedd’s mom, Dorinda, comes and for mother’s day we are all going antiquing tomorrow in Fredericksburg. By far I won the mother-in-law lottery. I’ve heard so many horror stories from friends who don’t get along with their significant other’s mothers for a variety of reasons. I do not have that problem; Dorinda is the nicest person you will ever meet. Well really Jedd’s whole family is, but we’ll focus on her today. She’s also enthusiastic about everything, you want to go antiquing she’s up for it, I bet if we asked her to go to a Jay-Z concert her response would be “I’m down”. Another thing that is great about Dorinda is that her and my Mom get along really well. So much so that a couple years back my Mom went and visited Dorinda by herself.

Another reason for the excitement is my Mom returns from her week long trip to Korea tonight. I’m glad because I have not spoken to my mom since last Friday. Many people might find it weird to know I talk to my mother two to three times daily, every single day. Every morning on my way to work I talk to her about whatever which is a huge stress relief for me and a great way to start the day. Not having this week with everything that has been going on has been frustrating. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our Mom’s than with a whole weekend dedicated to them.

We hope that you are spending a wonderful weekend with your Mother! And mom(s) if your reading this we love you!

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