Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OOOOhhhh I like when things show up in the mail….

I ordered something 30 days ago that finally showed up….

Any clue what it is?

How about now? Gosh I love how Pinterest has all this witty stuff on it and I can just save picture as and seem all cool. It ends up I ordered a new duvet cover last month that took a full 30 days to arrive. When it came today I was so excited I officially amended tonight’s plans (yeah Honey we had plans tonight) from the following:

1. Bake Christmas cookies

2. Drink hot chocolate

3. Watch Elf


1. Bake Christmas cookies

2. Strip bed of all the old crap we have on it

3. Make bed with all the new stuff I bought today on my lunch break (yeah Honey I bought a bunch of new stuff at Target today…I mean really didn’t you know a new duvet cover meant new comforter, duvet and sheets. I stopped at the pillows cause you know they are ok)

4. Drink hot chocolate AND watch Elf….IN BED!

Gosh I love my new plan. What’s your big happenings today?

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