Thursday, November 17, 2011

A year from now…

Nothing has happened at the house…NOTHING. We have kind of been on hiatus, as you can tell from the blog. The most significant purchase as of late has been some Christmas stockings. Oh and I did manage to complete a Pinterest project which I accomplished by freecycling.

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions and if they are anything like me they don’t accomplish the majority of them. An article that showed up on Gawker recently “The Pointlessness of Your Life Revealed in Email” got me thinking. Having taken a bit of a vacation from all forms of social media I can appreciate what the article points out which is very little changes in a person’s life from year to year and this can now be proven by taking a look back on what riveting things occurred a year ago via your facebook, twitter or gasp “your blog”.

Where do I want to be a year from now, what do I want to have accomplished. I started pondering; looking around thinking “something MUST change”. Obviously having just started the 30 year goal of trying to actually own the place we live it seems important for the house to be my main focus in the upcoming year. CAUSE LORD KNOWS WE ARE NEVER EVER MOVING!!!! So next year on November 17, 2012 I plan on doing a post about how I accomplished the following:

1. Get grown up living room furniture. The 34 (god your old) year old Stephanie should not be sitting on the same dog hair covered craigslist find on November 17, 2012.

2. Get the loft in order. Get rid of some damn bins. Even if you could fit back into the size 8 clothing you wore when you and Jedd met no one really wants to see you in a skirt that skims your butt cheeks, seriously!

3. Buy the boys some bow ties and rain jackets. It’s ok if Jedd thinks one sweater is enough. The boys deserve to look spiffy on occasion and stay dry. (Yes I do refer to the dogs as boys, so please no one report us to CPS thinking our children only own one sweater).

4. Get some proper dining room chairs. The black fold out chairs is a temporary fix. If you are still using those chairs a year from now then you’re lazier than even you knew.

5. Get a cable box for the spare bedroom that works. You’re wasting money every month you pay for a box that doesn’t work. And seeing items 1 – 4 listed above you don’t have a lot of money to waste.

6. Paint the bathrooms.

7. Buy a rug for the front entry way. Using a bunch of spread out beach towels when it rains is just sad. SAD!

Cross your fingers that I get something done.

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