Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lemon-Garlic Shrimp & Grits…

Shrimp & Grits are kind of a big deal in Charleston, SC where we moved from. Jedd & I like to buck the trend so both of us managed to never have them the entire time we lived there. Yes the entire 5 years though it was served at every wedding I ever attended (and there were quite a few) I was never tempted. I actually thought it was kind of a gross idea, because grits are a breakfast food. It’s like having oatmeal with pork chops for dinner, cause in my mind grits require sugar.

Well thankfully Pinterest peaked my interest and I made some yummy shrimp and grits this week. Now I realize that when it comes to grits it’s really all about the butter. If you’re watching your figure you may not want to come have shrimp & grits at my house. The recipe I used was worthy of Paula Dean, there is like this little sauce that kind of sits on the top, Jedd’s all “what makes it so rich, what’s the sauce” to which I had to say “why honey that’s butter and cayenne” as if it wasn’t really alarming.

It’s going to be worth ruining your diet for, plus I’m not sure how scientific this is but I hear the citrus from lemon cuts fat and since this recipe calls for lemon juice in my mind it eliminates the butter. Either way you should make this for dinner…just cause.

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