Monday, September 5, 2011

Maybe we are “handy”…

So this weekend was jammed packed full of miscellaneous home to do’s as you may have seen on the Labor Day list. The list is jammed packed full of things we want to do in preparation for being out of town next weekend (would be robbers don’t get excited because my mom and the boys will still be at the house). Some of our projects though small were important and also got me revved up for my big DIY project of refinishing the craigslist dresser I found. One of those projects was addressing the gap in our front door.

This is one of those things that every single time I looked at it I thought “what in the world was the previous owner doing with all her time”. The woman lived here 7 years and never ever took the time (15 minutes we timed it) to seal up that annoying space where the door didn’t meet the floor. At night the street light would be clearly visible under that crack making me think “I know all my air-conditioning is seeping out”.

Yes mom I do care about those things now that I’m paying my hard earned money for it… I didn’t believe you back when I was 13 but yes, yes air-conditioning staying in the house is very near and dear to my heart now too.

It surprised me how easy this appeared to be for Jedd to do. Basically he got a handy saw and this metal piece for the door from Home Depot (a.k.a Hell) which he then sawed down to the size of the door:

Once that happened we removed the door and installed the strip:

We're a real professional operation, we laid down a bunch of blankets and laid the door down in the gap between the hall way and living room, we go for the "whatever works" approach here:

After that we rehung the door, and kept all my a/c in the house:

Another exciting thing to happen was that I started attempting to refinish a dresser myself. I plan on doing a whole post dedicated to it but here’s a classy picture showing the importance of sanding with a hair cap on:

That’s not dandruff, its sawdust. Oh another thing kind of exciting happened this week and it's making our neighbors love us:

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