Friday, September 2, 2011

Time can be alarming…

I must admit I’m not very observant. People have commented on this to me often. Things will occur that let me know that time has passed, someone will ask how long we’ve been together and I’ll think um….damn has eight years passed stranger? I feel like I just met you. My boys will have another annual checkup and I’ll be all “didn’t I just bring you here for this last June…of 2010”. Today was one of those days where a blurb on msn made me realize damn, damn, damn I’m getting old. What was that blurb….Keanu Reeves turned 47.

Now why would this be so amazing to me…well I remember when my Keanu crush began in the 80s like most people when he was in a little movie called Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. In 1989 a crush was a crush there was no thought other than he was kind of cute, but in the movie really stupid. This was my first acknowledgment that maybe just maybe I leaned a little more towards liking boys because they were cute verses they had any substance. Most people wouldn’t know but my Keanu crush runs deep, I’ve seen each and every movie he’s ever been in. Most of them two or three times. Should he be on a rare TV interview I always stop. As time has passed my crush when from being based on his looks to the fact that he seemed, at least from my “fan” opinion interesting. I think it was some time in 2000 when I should have realized the transition into adulthood had begun, not for Keanu but for me. In 2000 I remember seeing him in both the Watcher and Sweet November and remembering that he didn’t seem as adult to me. He still wasn’t someone who if they presented themselves in real life would be of any interest, but he didn’t seem so far in age from me.

Recently things have happened that bring Keanu (yes, I refer to him by his first name because after a 20+ year love affair…all from my end of course, we’re on a first name basis) up in the news and now I think of him fondly. I wouldn’t say I have a crush, but I remember having a crush. I haven’t thought about it really until today. A little pic of Keanu with the caption “Happy 47th Birthday Keanu Reeves”.

The reason I knew that obviously not only had significant time passed for Keanu but it must have for me too. With hilarity I thought 47; I mean if things were different I’d actually consider dating a 47 year old. That’s a bit alarming, because 10 years ago he would have been way too old for me I thought. It’s the little things that make you look around and think “I have really got to pay attention because life is so fast…ten years has flown by”.

I don’t know what you’re doing right now, but stop, look around take a mental snap shot, because this too shall pass. Whether things are good, bad, or indifferent try and take it all in because it’s not just Life, its YOUR LIFE.

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