Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend List

Boy there is nothing I love more than a long weekend, coffee and a list.

I know your thinking that the last thing I need to be doing after I've been manically posting to the blog all day is drink some coffee at 5:22 pm. I'm gearing up for a three day weekend loaded up with fun exciting task, ok well really a bunch of stuff I want to do but haven't had time. Here's the list, I figured if I put it out there maybe, just maybe I'd get 1/2 the thing done:

1. Make spare key for mom
2. Get CL dresser out of car (as of Friday it's been driving around for 3 days with me)
3. Pick up stuff from Home Depot to refinish dresser
4. Take back dog coats to Target (cause yes the dogs need new coats)
5. Take back stuff to the container store
6. Take back stuff to Home Goods
7. Pick up shoe rack from Crate & Barrel
8. Set up baking jars in kitchen cubbies
9. Freecycle excess pots, pans & Tupperware
10. Jedd to install strip under front door
11. Take mom key and excess laundry detergent
12. Prosecco, Strawberry bubble bath
13. Plant grass seed
14. Upscale thrift
15. Alexandria Habitat for Humanity
16. Clean bathrooms
17. Laundry
18. Possibly paint stair risers
19. Get Jedd to agree half bath should be painted with yellow and white stripes
20. Meet with client
21. New client tax return
22. Reroute mail in bag
23. Take old dresser to dump
24. Jones' dinner
25. Amy brunch
26. Clean & freecycle juicer (gosh I suck)
27. Fix lamp in living room
28. Clean out fridge
29. Jedd to research new tv

If you don't hear from me just keep checking back, I am planning on updating this as things get done.

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