Friday, September 2, 2011

Blogging vs. Facebook…

So I’ve abandoned Facebook. I mean I still have an account but I never log in anymore. When I do get a message and I have to actually log in I’m confused that people are still using Facebook. Now there is this whole Google+ thing and all I can think is “oh God make it stop”. I can’t keep up with all the ways I can try and make the internet about me. I’m thinking of getting rid of Facebook because I also tweet, which I think is so much more appropriate for those random 140 character thoughts I have that I and probably I alone thing are worth putting out there for all to know. The app. I use on my phone posts the same random thought to both Facebook and Twitter and mostly the same people follow me on both so they’d still get the same information each and every morning that it’s 5 am and I’m soooooo tired.

Another thing about Facebook is what everyone has been saying is that it’s really quite fake. If I only keep in touch with you on Facebook I’ll see perfect pictures of your family, see what a great day you’re having, and old pictures of you before you put on 25+ pounds. Blogs on the other hand are real, or they should be and keeping that in mind I’ve decided to be truthful… house is still a mess.

P.S. This post is dedicated to the Jones’ who are coming over for dinner tomorrow. My email of full disclosure stated “I must tell you we’re currently redoing our exterior stairs and there are no posts or handrails, as a result I would recommend flats”.

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