Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Hour: Earthquakes & Hurricanes…

DC had an earthquake last week. I’m sure you heard about it, we made the national news. It was very dramatic. Basically this is what happened 30 seconds of the earth quaking added HOURS to peoples metro commute. For us it meant nothing, I drive and Jedd telecommuted. I was forced to evacuate my office for 30 minutes all so the people who own the building could get to Greenbelt and walk in the building for five minutes and then declare everything safe. I have no idea what they could have seen in the 5 minutes, but I went back in. Because I’ve kind of fell off of Happy Hour and had been thinking I needed to find a suitable drink for this week I turned it into an excuse to Google “Earthquake cocktail”. Yup I’m not surprised there is such a thing. I didn’t know that when I searched it, I was half joking.

The earthquake happened early in the week and by Friday it was all about the Hurricane that was approaching. I was not impressed having lots to do. I actually needed to take some things to the dump. Heaven forbid we lost power. The news is all “you need to prepare by filling up all your bathtubs and sinks with water so you can have something to drink and flush the toilets with”. That’s even more annoying because now I needed to clean all the bathtubs and sinks, I was out of town the weekend before last and had planned on doing it that weekend but figured it would a good idea in preparation for Irene. I thought “Well if I’m going to clean for a Hurricane I should drink one to”, at least that’s what I was thinking when I googled the term “hurricane cocktail”.

For those of you who contacted me concerned about our safety we’re fine. We were lucky there was minor destruction to the neighborhood.

The most exciting thing at our house was we watched a really crappy movie “Rango”.

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