Saturday, July 30, 2011

Commitment & the dining room table…

Saturday is going to be an exciting day in our house because we finally go pick up this baby from the warehouse. That little lady is months in the making and is what we finally selected as our dining room table. Just a recap of the process and what we learned.

First it starts with measurements. Before you start looking at kitchen tables take measurements. Prior to measuring the actual dining room I was in love with this table.

I spent hours on the internet trying to find a cheaper version. Trying to decide if it would make more sense to have someone build us one or not. We then decided based on the cost we needed to find a cheaper alternative settling in on this table.

We go to the store to check it out and realize quickly it’s not what we want. So we spend a day going from store to store to find something.

Weeks pass and I decide if you get a really good table it will be worth the money (plus mom says she’ll kick in the majority of it) so we go back to the original “dream table” and plan to go see it at Pottery Barn. Now at this point we decide it might be wise to measure the actual space the table is going to go in. So a few days before we go look at the table we take the measurements.

And the day we plan to go to see the table we realize we’ve lost the measurements. So we end up remeasuring. We get to Pottery Barn and the table isn’t going to fit. Being the melodramatic person I am; I handle this with much maturity, I pout at the actual table at the Pottery Barn store and repeatedly say “but this is the table”. Finally after 15 minutes of this Jedd (who is super patient) finally says he’s leaving the store.

We decide to check out the surrounding stores and find this little gem. As soon as I see it I know it’s the one. We take the measurements and she fits.

So days later I send the link to my mom who is paying for the majority of it, but there is a few hundred dollars difference. We make a date to pick up the table a month later from the store. For 30 days I dream about the table and finally the day arrives. Mom and I go to the store to pick it up only to be told 1. You pick it up from a warehouse AFTER they ship it down from New Jersey and 2. The cost of the table is now several hundred dollars higher than it had been. I know this to be a fact because I sent the link to mom who verifies I am right.

All I can say is I should have committed to the table when I first saw it. Now many of you may be wondering what we plan on sitting on when we eat at this beauty and to that I say “one thing at a time”. Needless to say we like to make things hard on ourselves. No dining room set for us folks. No we have to get things piece by piece. So once I pick up the table and drop her safely at the house I will be on the quest to find the “perfect” dining room chairs.

Did I happen to mention that we officially are planned to move into the house Thursday? Thursday should be exciting, not only are we moving in, the cable people are coming to hook us up, the washer and dryer gets delivered and we are schedule to have our first ever house guest. We love crazy as you can tell.

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