Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things I thought I NEEDED but Didn’t (Part 1)…

When we first talked about living together I thought it was absolutely necessary we get two full baths so that should we ever need to get ready at the same time we would have the option. The picture below is the shower in the bathroom downstairs that neither of us has ever used in the entire 2.5 years we’ve lived in the apartment. The only guest to ever use it was my dad and I have no idea why.

I should be embarrassed the laundry closet has so many dust bunnies in this picture, but I’m not. No it’s important for you to see this picture. I purchased that little hand held vacuum back in 2006 thinking it would be convenient to have to clean up spills or stuff in my car. I’ve used it once, when someone dropped some potting soil on the stairs in our apartment when we moved in…back in 2009. This was an excellent purchase.

I go through weird phases and one of the last ones I went on was water fasting. Yup it’s exactly what you’re thinking, consuming nothing but water for two days. Before I could do the water fasting I determined I needed to get a pitcher to filter the impurities out of the water after reading an article on water fasting. For this I purchased the water filtration pitcher on the left, turns out we already owned one (see example on the right) I found it last night when I was cleaning out the kitchen pantry. What makes all this worse is that the new fridge has that little thing where you can get water and ice out of the door, making both pitchers completely unnecessary?

In December of 2009 we decided to put up a Christmas tree since we’d never had one and we finally had enough space to put on up. I envisioned myself doing a lot of elaborate decorating so when I went to the store I got a lot of Christmas stuff. One of the things purchased is that wreath box which was “on sale” and a great purchase. The issue is that it’s now 2011 and I have never bought a wreath. Their expensive. I’m keeping the wreath box because if I don’t it would just be a waste of money. We have also never put up a tree since 2009. It’s a lot of work when you don’t have kids and the tree dies and you have to take the dry thing to the curb and the needles get all in your wool gloves.

Well off to put some things on Craigs List.

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