Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paint = Compromise….

Wait, spell that for me “C.O.M.P.R.O.M.I.S.E” um, not sure what that means but I’ll gladly Google it for you. You know when we get home from Benjamin Moore with the paint. That was me this weekend. Who knew choosing paint was going to be so emotionally taxing. Every step of the way I’m learning how many things we take for granted when we rent. The first thing that came up that I’d never thought about was how much time goes into purchasing a washer and dryer. I’ll do a post on that later, but let’s just say if your renting and it has a washer/dryer don’t take it for granted. The next thing that takes a lot of effort that you don’t see is the color of the walls. OM FREAKING G…. yeah that’s how I feel about paint color. I’ll debut the colors soon but let’s just say a lot of time went into choosing between these two colors:

Wait are you confused? Look closer:


Still confused? Well it appears that when you paint your house and you say “yeah paint the trim” in your mind your thinking “paint the trim white” but silly you what white do you mean? There’s “decorators white” or “bright white” or “snow white” or “pure white”. Thank God “ceiling white” is actually what you get for the ceiling. I will not even get into it with you about picking the actual paint color for the walls. Let’s just say at times it got ugly. I broke down and went to the car outside and cried. Why? Stress that’s why. My mom gave the best advice “you can always paint over it if you get the wrong color”.

How much do you know about the paint colors on your walls? What’s your favorite; give me the name and color number, please.

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