Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Hour: The Americano…

When we first moved into the apartment in 2009 I wanted to get to know our upstairs neighbors (we live in a split level with one apartment on top of ours) so I decided to have them over for dinner. The most memorable thing at the meal had to be the cocktail I decided to make that night which introduced me to Campari. This was my first real attempt at making a cocktail and when I first put it together (in the largest wine glasses I had) I determined the recipe was wrong and decided to triple it, per each person. If you have never had Campari let me tell you 3 oz of it is A LOT to drink by yourself. As a result we’ve had Campari sitting around the house for awhile now. I decided to give it another try thinking that my mistake had to be with altering the recipe not with the Campari itself.
Um…. I don’t like Campari. There had to be a bad drink every now and then I suppose. Just in case you want an Americano I thought I should mention if you click on the name of the drink it takes you to the recipe I use. I do this in each happy hour post, just and FYI because someone asked.

Happy Friday!

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