Wednesday, July 27, 2011

True Friendship – The Test…

So I haven’t written a detailed post about the interior paint saga, but I will later when I post some pics of how it all turned out. Let’s just say it’s been A LOT of DRAMA (are you surprised) and it basically came to a head on Sunday. I will say that out of EVERYTHING to come out of the house one positive is that it has really helped me identify who my friends are, the people who when things get rough and rugged are going to step in to try and help relieve some of the stress. It has actually surprised me a lot who when the dust has settled and the battles have been fought are standing in my corner ready to take on the next challenge. One of those people has been Meredith and Sunday was one of those days where when all was said and done I thought “damn girl you really got my back”.

So Sunday was the last and final day we had given the painter after numerous attempts to get in and repair some mistakes his crew had made. This was the last day of three weeks of what was supposed to be a four day job. According to him the mistakes would take minimal time to repair. So at 10 am the man texts me saying he is on my way to the house, so according to his estimate he would be gone by 2 pm, but we had given him until 6 pm to do a final walk through and inspection. So imagine my surprise when I get a text message from him saying “we need living room paint”. I’m a bit taken aback by this because not only had I supplied paint previously, I’d supplied so much that they had dripped it everywhere which was one of the reasons he had some cleanup work to do. I’d also inspected the amount of paint left the night before and he and I had agreed what was there was enough for the touch ups. I respond back to his text “you’ll need to pick it up” and he texts back “will need money”. Now this is ludicrous to me because 1. We’d already paid him 75% of the total price to do the job 2. I’d supplied paint, if he needed more paint to fix his workers mistakes and crappy painting I wasn’t going to pay for that. So I call him and inform him of this.

But something, something was eating at me. I was suddenly overcome with the need to go to the house and see what was going on because I felt it, SOMETHING WAS WRONG…. So I leave Springfield driving like a mad woman 30 minutes into town. As I’m driving I feel myself losing control of my temper and decide I need someone to mediate. Jedd is at golf so I call Meredith who I know has just spent a week out of town but I am hoping is back. This is how the call went:

Me “Where are you” (I sound bitchie)

Mere: “Home, I just got back from the beach” (now I know it’s a long drive, I think like 5 hours or something…

Me: “Good, I need you to grab two of your lawn chairs, a bag of magazine’s and I’ll be there shortly to pick you up so you can sit in the house with me and watch the painters, cause I don’t trust them”

Mere: “OK”

I won’t even describe the mediating she did once we got to the house or how because of her presence I didn’t kill someone when I walked in and realized the reason they needed paint was because they had repainted a wall the wrong color. No instead I’ll just show you evidence of what a true friend is:

Thanks Mere, should you ever need me just know I will be there.

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  1. Haha, thanks Stephanie! Actually, I think your exact words were "Good, I need you to come sit with me to make sure I don't go to jail for killing our contractor." But I'm happy to come sit with you and prevent homicide anytime!