Monday, July 18, 2011

When Bad Things Happen to Good People…

We don’t currently have a lot of free time with the house and work, but the little free time we have we like to spend at home with the boys watching movies. Usually a great time is had by all, but sometimes a bad movie makes the cut. This always seems to happen when we try for the scary movie, I am a huge fan of scary movies but I don’t know what it is about the last batch made in the last say 10 to 15 years but they all have sucked. Saturday’s movie was no different:

After watching the movie and thinking back on it over the weekend I decided it required my own little PSA. Don’t watch this movie, the main character was annoying, hearing her whine throughout the whole movie grated on my nerves. This movie wasn’t so much scary as it was weird. I’m not sure why Rob Zombie thought he should remake these but I think the originals were better. I know the story was probably always unbelievable but I was so annoyed throughout the movie I just kept thinking to myself why wouldn’t this girl have moved out of this town if she was so worried he might come back for her. Also, and I hope I’m not ruining the movie for you, but what made Michael Myers take off one Halloween. If you watch the movie timeline he comes back to murder his sister 2 years after the original attack. I mean did he need to recoup from the first encounter and if so what type of medical help did he seek. They must not have been looking for him very hard, that’s a big dude I can’t believe he could show up at a hospital all wounded with gun shots and no one would say “Yup that’s Mike”. Also where has he been staying for the last 730 days and what has he been eating. He’s not shacking up with some chick because he’d need to get a job to foot that grocery bill because he’s a big boy. Also he might have wanted to go for the element of surprise, everyone’s looking for him to make his attack on Halloween, he’d be better off trying it on Valentine’s Day or something.

Anyway again, don’t watch this movie.

What’s the best scary movie you’ve ever seen and why?

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