Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to get rid of Bamboo…

Our backyard isn’t very big but it’s been a challenge. About a month after we got the house we started noticing bamboo growing in the back yard. Once I went down and checked it out I determined someone must have cut it down so it would be unnoticeable when potential buyers came and looked at the house. What I also determined was it was going to be a PAIN to get rid of. After reading online post after online post I determined that because bamboo is so persistent that if you truly wanted to get rid of it you had to be overzealous in your attempts to eradicate it. People described how they attempted to dig out several of the shoots and patted themselves on the back only to realize a month later that by not removing the dirt that contained roots they essentially planted them in other parts of their yard. People described how after three years of fighting the bamboo for several months they way they finally won was to dig out three feet of dirt and remove that with a bobcat, then saturate the ground with weed killer and till the remaining area.

Though we did refrain from renting a bob cat and contaminating the yard and water system with weed killer we did completely destroy the back yard.

It was a little fun, but now it looks completely unfinished. I kind of remember Jedd’s mom saying she’d love to come out and do yard work. Wait until she sees the blank canvas we’ve created for her.

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