Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Your Need May Equal His Want…

At night I dream about the following:

I have become completely obsessed with these as a storage option after seeing one on the cover of Modern, Etc. magazine. I have no idea what the one on the cover cost since they didn’t tell you exactly where/who it was from. To me that says way more than my little salary can pay. So I researched the two options above and sent links to Jedd after feeling as if I found a “if I won the lottery” vs. a “if I use my bonus” option. Let’s just say he is not very knowledgeable about how you gauge a bargain. As I keep trying to explain to him one of these are HALF the cost of the other and I need it. He seems to think I want it and that the bargain is not determined by comparing an overpriced unaffordable option to something half the price of said option. Obviously he knows nothing about how shopping works. He also should look up “need” in the dictionary. Actually he reads this….Honey need is defined as:

1. A requirement, necessary duty, or obligation.

2. A lack of something wanted or deemed necessary

3. Urgent want, as of something requisite.

So see Sweets you NEED to let me get the trunk I NEED.

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