Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sometimes People Buy Me Things….

So it’s 8 pm at night and I’ve been a bit stressed so I decided to do what any reasonable woman in my position would do…bake some muffins. Specifically blueberry cornmeal muffins by Nigella.

I have been on a quest to only cook and make things on hand so I can move as very little food related products once I do move…what is that you ask? When are we moving, um stop being a jerk. Obviously I don’t know, for me to know contractors would need to stick to timelines and cleaning exposed brick would need to stop being so excruciatingly mind numbing. So you see that’s how I got to cooking muffins at 8 pm.

When I’m stressed I do like to cook which is great because when I’m stressed I also like to eat. So I decide to just flip through my new Nigella cookbook that Jedd’s mom got me…have I mentioned how I adore Jedd’s mom? One reason I adore her is she buys me really good cookbooks. She seems to know my taste. Though she and I have never had this conversation Nigella Lawson is my ideal wife. I don’t know anything about her other than she likes to cook, which she does well, and she likes to eat. Years ago, prior to Rachael Ray (who I also love), she had this great show Nigella Bites, all before the Food Network blew up. One of the things they used to show her doing sometimes at the end of the episodes would be eating cold food straight from containers from by fridge light in what I can only imagine was the middle of the night. For some reason this makes her the absolute perfect person in my mind.

The second reason I ended up making these cornmeal blueberry muffins was because another woman I absolutely adore, my own mother, gifted me with a huge container of blueberries. Interesting little fact I have a weird aversion to eating some breakfast foods in the morning. I love cereal, but only at night, the later the better. Muffins, sure after 5 pm please, but at 8 am, no no that would be super disgusting. Scones, pastries, etc. all after noon.

I plan on freezing the rest which is why I am trying cornmeal. I’ve frozen regular blueberry muffins before and once frozen and defrosted they just did not reheat well. In the meantime I turned our muffins into this dessert

Do you like breakfast for dinner? When do you think is the absolute best time to eat cereal?

Oh another random tidbit, I also always mix cereals, I never eat just honey bunches of oats; it would be honey bunches of oats mixed with honey combs. Oh and I always eat it out of a plastic Tupperware bowl, I think this is the only way to eat cereal, Jedd thinks it’s weird.

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