Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ethan Allen Style Quiz…

Shelly from “Young House Love” posted an Ethan Allen survey that’s supposed to aid in finding your style. You can take the survey here:

According to Ethan Allen my signature lifestyle is “Explorer”:

The results are in – your Signature Lifestyle is Explorer. Explorer channels a sense of adventure through furnishings and accessories that conjure images of world travel. The feeling is relaxed eclecticism. It comes to life through textural variations, intricately detailed woods, global-inspired fabrics, and natural fibers. Whether in rural or urban settings, the spirit of this lifestyle fits right in.

I tend to think that the phrase “relaxed eclecticism” may be Ethan’s way of saying “random”. There are five lifestyles in all; Elegance, Vintage, Modern, Romance & Explorer. If I looked at the pictures I would have thought I was vintage or a combo of vintage and modern.

I think Ethan Allen should include a sixth category labeled “junky” cause that’s what the house is right now.

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